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News release 5/3/22
Hard to Ignore Dye-Sublimation on Rigid Substrates

News release 5/5/21

Duraluxe featured in Graphics Pro

News release 4/19/21

Photo Imaging News on Twitter

News release 4/12/21

Duraluxe Panels Press Release

News release 4/1/21

Duraluxe Panels featured in DigitalEdge | Softsell

News release 4/1/21

Duraluxe Panels featured in Graphics Pro Product Spotlight

News release 3/2/21

Duraluxe Panels featured in Big Picture Magazine

News release 5/29/20

Duraluxe Panels are the only sublimation panels in the market that have achieved a "CLASS-A FIRE RATING".

News release 5/14/20

Elevating your expectations with Duraluxe Panels

News release 4/23/20

Duraluxe: The Importance of Sublimatable Antimicrobial Panels

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