Q: What makes Duraluxe Panels Anti-graffiti?


A: The special formulation of our powders make Duraluxe panels impenetrable to external pollutants, such as dirt and permanent markers / inks. While the cleaning of surfaces sublimated with regular powders would leave stains or blotches, panels with Duraluxe anti-graffiti / UV resistant properties can be cleaned easily with no traces of pollutants.



Q: Can I use Duraluxe Panels for exterior signage in Melbourne, Australia?


A: Yes, Duraluxe panels are specially formulated so they will withstand the elements and the power of the sun, regardless of the location. Your worked will look wonderful for a long time. We offer a 5 year outdoor warranty for all our panels. 


Q: Are Duraluxe panels the best for outdoor applications?


A: Without a doubt, yes. Duraluxe Panels are the Ultimate outdoor panels. Our powder coating is specially formulated to outlast every other sublimatable panel in the world.


Q: Can I get my panel in 4”x24”? 


A: Yes, but that is a non standard size.  Our panels start with a minimum size of 3”x8” and we go up to 48”x96”. We offer many standard sizes, and we can customize a size when needed. Please ask. 


Q: Is glossy the only finish available?


A: No, no, no. At Duraluxe we believe that the finish of the panels are an integral part of how the final work will look like. For this reason we offer many different standard and non-standard finishes. Our Standard finishes are: Glossy, Matte and Textured. Special Finishings are: SaltLake, Glow in The Dark, Anti-macrobial, IceTouch and Thermo-chromatic


Q: What is the SaltLake Finish?


A: SaltLake is a proprietary unique power coating that creates a random ripple effect through out the surface of the panel. It will remind you of the Great Salt Lake of Utah.


Q: What is IceTouch?


A: IceTouch is a special finish that makes the panel super smooth when you touch it. 


Q: What happens if I use a Thermo-chromatic finish?


A: The Thermo-chromatic finish is a post treatment offered by Duraluxe to Architect and Designers, usually for large projects. A surface treated with a Thermo-chromatic powder will change color when exposed at a certain temperature. Here is how it works. First the Architect/Designer selects the finishing of the panel (either standard or special) then the image/s to sublimate. Once the panels are sublimated we will powder coat them once more to cover the surface with the Thermo-chromatic powder of the color selected by the Architect/Designer. The Finish layer (the Thermo-chromatic) will cover everything, but when the ambience temperature reaches a specific (agreed upon) temperature, the top layer will become transparent and showcase whatever image is behind. Imagine the possibilities!!!  


Q: I live far away and I would like to have my panels treated with Thermo-chromatic powder. What should I do?


A: Contact us. Duraluxe is part of the Decoral Group. We have over 850 licensees using our powders all over the world. We can direct you to the proper professional to complete your project.


Q: My son decided to scribble on top of our wedding photos done on Duraluxe panels, what can I use to clean them?


A: Do not worry, one of the beauties of Duraluxe is the anti-graffiti quality. You can use etasol/MEK (paint thinner) and your photos will look beautiful again. 


Q: Can I clean acrylic spray from Duraluxe panels? if yes what should I use? 


A: You can eliminate any trace of acrylic spray from your duraluxe panels using ethyl alcohol. Your panels will look like the first day you got them.


Q: Where can I find more info about the anti-graffiti properties of Duraluxe panels?


A: Just jump on our website and click/tap in the TECH STUFF section. Enjoy.


Q: What kind of details can I see in a design done on a Duraluxe panel?


A: The level of clarity and definition of an image sublimated on a Duraluxe panel depends on the image you are using. Consider your Duraluxe panel as if it were a 4K television, while the program you are watching is the image to sublimate. If the program, being transmitted, is in 4K, you will watch it in 4K; if it is of a lower quality, you will see it as such. Duraluxe are HIGH DEF panels, use them properly and the results will amaze you.


Q: The image sublimated on my Duraluxe panel looks spotty. Why?


A: Sublimation is a transfer of inks into the powder coating. For the process to be successful you need a clean and dry surface. If your image looks spotty, most likely the surface of the panel was not clean and the culprit may be dust. Always clean and fully dry the panels before sublimation.


Q: What kind of file do I need for a proper final effect? 


A: You can use a JPG or a TIFF image, or any other graphic format, but first check with the retailer who will process the Duraluxe panels for you. Always remember, the quality of the file is very important to obtain a quality final product.


Q: What is the preferred resolution or DPI?



A: In a perfect world, you would like to have at least a 180 DPI or higher, yet it is also a matter of the subject in your image and the size you want. If the image has a lot of details you will be better served with a higher DPI. Then, of course, it is also a matter of the size of the final output and distance of the viewer. The larger your project, the higher the number of DPI, if you want to see it perfectly when you are close. Instead you are working on a facade, then you can live with a lower DPI, because from a distance the image will look good anyway. 


Q: I want to print some of my pictures, should I use paper or a Duraluxe panel?


A: Good question. Paper is paper and Duraluxe is Duraluxe. The final look is a matter of what you like or dislike. It is difficult to compare the two from a beauty/look stand point. On the other hand, we can address your question looking at a technical aspect: durability. Will your image last longer on paper or on Duraluxe? We have done a lot of testing and we can state with absolute certainty that any image will last a lot longer on a Duraluxe panel rather than paper. Of the three long-lasting (archival) photo papers, none can get even close to Duraluxe. Your image will last at least double the time if not much much more. 


Q: I have a restaurant and I want to have an outdoor sign with  our logo and menu’, can I do it on Duraluxe?


A: Absolutely yes. Just do not change your menu often, it could get pricey…We can also make for you a “chalkboard” for your specials. 


Q: The building where I rent my commercial space has specific guidelines in terms of color and fonts for signages. Can I do my sing with Duraluxe?


A: No problem. Font and colors can be prepared for you by the professional that will print your sign. 


Q: I want to use Duraluxe as Shower panels, are they suitable?


A: Yes. Duraluxe panels are made of aluminum that has zero absorption. The panels are light weight and can be installed in no time. Additionally, aluminum is easy to cut. For your installation you can use silicone or an epoxy adhesive. If you are troweling use a  1/16 in. x 1/16 in. x 1/16 in. Square-Notch Trowel. Always remember movement joints. 


Q: In my office we have a reception desk with tiles, I want to cover them, can I use a Duraluxe panel?


A: Absolutely. You do not need to remove the tiles, but be sure the surface is flat and level. Our Duraluxe panels will go straight on top of your existing old tiles. If the surface is not planar, you can fix it by using tile adhesive. Just keep the leveling as thin as possible. Remember, Duraluxe panels are 1.2mm or 0.047” thick, for that reason the surface receiving the panels has to be flat and planar.


Q: Can I use Duraluxe panels as floor? 


A: We are actually working on a solution, but it requires a different metal, rather than aluminum. Stay tuned.


Q: Can I use Duraluxe panels to clad an external facade of a building?


A: if you are adhering the panels directly to the exterior walls, yes. Of course you need a very flat and planar surface. We are working on a different solution for facade application that will act as a ventilated facade. Stay tuned. 


Q: I have a facade done in Duraluxe panels. One of the pieces was damaged, can I substitute it?


A: Absolutely. The professional who prepared your panels should have the originally files. They just need to re-print the area of the project where the piece was damaged. Be sure to prepare first few samples so you can do some color matching, depending on the age of your panels. 


Q: I want to print my pattern on a flat sheet and then bend it after, can I do it or the coating will crack?


A: Do not worry, Deuraluxe powder coating is not like other coatings. You can bend it without any issues post-sublimation. 


Q: When I look at my beautiful panel against the light, the surface looks like an orange peel, why? 


A: At Duraluxe we use powder coating, because of its strength and special characteristics compared to a liquid coating. When you spray, you create the orange peel effect you are mentioning. It is absolutely normal. 


Q: In our Hotel we have few outdoor showers around the pool. The hotel is on the Ocean. Will Duraluxe withstand salt corrosion? 


A: Unlike other sublimation panels, Duraluxe has actually being tested for salt corrosion. Our Panels are Seaside & Quali-Marine Approved (7 stage chrome-free pre-treatment). Duraluxe can withstand over 4000 hours of salt spray test equal to over 10 years of extreme corrosive environment. 


Q: I am a designer and I am preparing the interior decoration for a new Hospital. We are looking at using materials that have anti-microbial characteristics. Is Duraluxe anti-microbial?


A: Duraluxe offers many special finishes for your projects. One of our special finishes is anti-microbial. Our powder coating has been tested by an independent laboratory in Japan and the tests show it will eliminate 99.9% of staphylococcus bacteria and all major microbes, even after 10 years. 


Q: What kind of coating is used to make Duraluxe panels? Are the panels VOC free?


A: At Duraluxe we care. We understand the importance of reducing the impact of any industrial/manufacturing operation. We only use water base inks and powders. All powder coatings are VOC free and TGIC free. 


Q: I have tried many different panels, does Duraluxe behaves like other sublimation panels?


A: Duraluxe is unique, because it was born out of over 20 years of experience in powder coating and decorations. Unlike other sublimatable panels, Duraluxe does not chip easy, does not scratch easy even when you bend a panel at 359 degrees. 


Q: I want a sign for my business that can be backlit, can I use Duraluxe? 


A: Duraluxe panels cannot be backlit, but we can prepare for you some pre-treated glass panels that can be sublimated. Contact us, we will be glad to help. 


Q: I am a photographer and I would like to use Durlauxe for an outdoor exhibition that will last many months, of not a year. Can I use Duraluxe?


A: Absolutely yes. You can leave your beautiful images outside for over 5 years without problems.


Q: I have read that Deuraluxe offers a 5 years outdoor warranty, can I see the tests that you have done?


A: Absolutely, just click/tap on Tech Stuff in our website and you can see the tests.