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 "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”   

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Our Mission

Learn about who we are!

Duraluxe was born in 2015 as a natural development of Decoral System USA, a company with over 40 years of experience in research, development, and manufacturing of decorative powder coating systems.

Decoral is considered the industry leader for architectural, industrial and OEM decorative applications and is a fully integrated company that manufactures every component in its systems. The technology was originally developed in Italy in the early ’90s and was introduced in the North American market in 2005. 

Today Duraluxe, “The Ultimate Aluminum Sublimation Panels,” are available in eight beautiful finishes which are GLOSSY, MATTE, CANVAS (TEXTURE), ICE TOUCH, WALLSKY, SATIN, SALT LAKE, and GLOW IN THE DARK.

We are proud to offer Outdoor, Scratch, UV, and Chemical resistance and all our finishes are Premium Quality Aluminum Panels. In addition, our panels can be bent, sheared, drilled, punched, water-jet or routed; setting us in a class of our own in the Aluminum Sublimation Industry. 

Our relationship with our Distributors is the key to our success and Duraluxe is committed to supporting its Distributors worldwide with Sales, Technical, and Logistic support. We take pride in building one Distributor Relationship at a time.