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The Ultimate Sublimation Panels

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Unmatched Durability

Duraluxe are the ultimate Sublimation panels, with unmatched durability in both interior and exterior applications. Every Duraluxe panel comes with a five year warranty for exterior application regardless of where or how you will use it.

Anti-graffiti and chemical resistance are just few of the qualities of our unique panels.

Lasting Impressions

With Duraluxe Panels, you are assured to make a lasting impression. Using Sublimation, your image is transferred inside the base paint providing a permanent protection.

From Architectural application to photography, from your Signage needs to your custom shower panels, with Duraluxe the limit is your imagination.


Your Needs Fulfilled


"My work on duraluxe shines"

- Silvia Giugni, Graphic Designer -

Imagine the Possibilities

Aluminum has been used in interior and exterior design for many decades, at Duraluxe we want to push the envelope even further.

Aluminum is strong yet light-weight, bendable and easily worked.

Duraluxe panels can be bent after sublimation without the risk of damaging your work.