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12x12_0004_Layer 2.jpg


This finish is ideal for high color images. Glossy helps the colors pop and makes your image stand out.

12x12_0001_Layer 5.jpg


The Matte finish is our go-to finish for all around performance. Not only does it render amazingly vivid colors, but it lends itself to more muted colors as well.

12x12_0003_Layer 3.jpg


Uniquely textured and improved scratch resistance for a durable option.

12x12_0002_Layer 4.jpg


A soft touch feel ideal for black and white images. It renders deep blacks that give your image an archival quality found in galleries.

12x12_0005_Layer 1.jpg


A unique-textured finish with a canvas look and feel. Best when used with images that require a dramatic effect.



This specialized finish has reflective metallic embedded into the surface.

When pressed it provides a glitter

or sparkle effect to the image.

Glow Capsule.jpg


A finish with photoluminescence properties, it glows on the lighter areas of the image for up to 8 hours.