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The many markets
of Duraluxe panels

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In addition to the standard Glossy offered everywhere, we supply blanks with many unique features: Textured, Matte, SaltLake, WallSky, Glow-in-the Dark, and IceTouch.

Our panels can be cut without chipping or cracking, give your metal photo prints the highest quality with DURALUXE!


Interior Design

Designing your space with Duraluxe panels is simple and easy. The limits are only what you and your interior designer decide them to be.

We have many different finishing that add an extra layer of beauty to your project.

You can select Glossy for a full impact, or Matte for a modern touch. You can decide for a textured look, more rustic, or with a futuristic Glow in the Dark.

We have many more finishing, just inquire and you will be amazed.

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With panels up to 4’X8’ architectural applications are a no brainer. Add pop to your building with the durability of Duraluxe- scratch and graffiti resistance built in most standard finishes,

with NO VOC’s for your LEED projects.



Hotel Signs, Restaurant Signs, Zoo, Museum, Office or...

The level of details you can achieve graphically is incredible, so do not be shy. 

With Duraluxe Panels your work will shine in the sun and you do not have to worry about fading or rusting or other damages from the unpredictable weather.  

At Duraluxe we love to create panels that will stand the test of time, like your work.

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Arts & Crafts

If your passion is to create ever lasting moments, Duraluxe panels are for you.

From 3"x8" up to 48"x96" we have a size that will fit your project.