Duraluxe was formed in 2015 as a natural development of Decoral System USA, because of the decades of experience in metal sublimation and in forming aluminum sheets.

Decoral System is the worldwide leader in sublimation technology for architectural, industrial and OEM decorative applications, and a fully integrated company that manufactures every component of its system. Because of this experience, the expansion in the world of sublimation blanks almost seemed natural development.

After few years of organization, the company officially started promoting its first 3 finishes: glossy, matte and textured, in mid 2017.
In 2018 4 additional finishes were added to our catalogue: IceTouch, SaltLake, Wallsky and Glow (glow in the dark).

Since day one, we have considered our aluminum blanks as a medium to be presented in as many different finishes as possible, because as they say: “variety is the spice of life”.
At the end of 2018 Duraluxe officially opened Duraluxe Ltd. to distribute material in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, while Duraluxe Inc. will continue to distribute in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand.

We are committed to continue with the development of new, innovative and original products because it is part in our DNA.

For more information you can contact us at:

Americas, Australia and New Zealand distribution center: Duraluxe Inc.
12477 NW 44th Street
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Ph: +1-954-323-4907

Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia distribution center:
Duraluxe LTD.
Via Baldasseria Bassa 320 Udine, Italy 33100
Ph: +1-954-323-4907